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Magicfalls Water Effect Part Number Selector

All part numbers for MagicFalls water effects begin with “58” followed by numbers or letters representing in order: lip series, waterfall width, water effect, and color as well as bottom feed option, if chosen.

Your part number is

Click on a selection for each of the 5 categories below, and the tool will provide the correct MagicFalls part number for ordering purposes.

Water Effect

Water Arc Rain
Water Arc Sheet
Waterfall Curtain
Waterfall Rain
Waterfall Sheet

Lip Series:

1 m Lip
6 m Lip
13 m Lip


8 m Long
1 m Long
18 m Long
2 m Long
3 m Long
4 m Long
5 m Long
6 m Long
7 m Long
8 m Long


Water Feed Options:
Rear Feed
Bottom Feed
Water Arc Rain