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Trust the Global Leader in Swimming Pool, Spa and Aquatic Equipment

At Pentair, we have revolutionized the pool industry with innovative and high-performance swimming pool products – pumps, filters, heaters, lights, automation systems and more. Each product is expertly designed and engineered with pool and spa owners, as well as, professionals in mind, adhering to our strict standards for quality performance and design. All our products are backed by one of the largest research and development teams in the industry.


Pentair technology breakthroughs include the Intelliflo Variable Speed Pump, which has revolutionized the industry by dramatically reducing pump energy costs. Over 40 years of commitment to reliable, technologically advanced, and energy-efficient pool products has built our reputation as the pool industry’s global leader. Today Pentair Aquatic Systems provides the most innovative and energy saving pool equipment to the world’s top commercial and residential projects.

As the most experienced supplier of pool equipment, our experts will assist you to choose the best equipment for your pool, including integrated packages.

Whether you are planning a large residential swimming pool, an impressive competition pool, a super-sized water or theme park, an aquarium, fountain or envisioning a unique aquatic environment – we are determined to make your vision a reality.