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Tips for Improved Backyard Landscaping

Do you love your backyard, but think it could use a few improvements? Whether you have a patio and pool or are creating a new outdoor living space, you can upgrade your landscape any time of year.

Defining Your Spaces

Even if you have a small backyard, you can make the best use of your area by using plantings and walkways to partition your space. Much like the interior of your home, your landscape should have clearly defined areas to suit a specific purpose. If you enjoy relaxing in the morning with a cup of coffee, you may want to create a shaded lounge area. This can be as simple as adding a table and umbrella or some comfy chairs around your favorite tree. Adding an outdoor kitchen that has its own dining area is an excellent way to enhance your pool or patio so you can entertain friends and family members.

Adding Paths and Walkways

After you’ve considered the spaces that you’d like in your backyard, it’s time to connect these areas with walkways. A meandering or winding path is a great way to finish off your design. You can use pavers, or you can opt for crushed rock. For best results, you need to compact the ground before installing any finished surface. You should also add a fabric that prevents weeds from growing through your new walkway.

Tips for Improved Backyard Landscaping

Choosing Your Plantings

When it comes to finishing your backyard with plants, there are lots of great options. You can enhance your outdoor space with a flower garden that adds color, or you can look for culinary herbs that are known for their scents, such as basil and lavender.

Adding Color and Texture

If your landscape currently has a drab concrete surface, there are lots of easy ways to update its appearance. You can coat the surface with a simple masonry stain, or you can install slate or ceramic tiles directly on top of the cement.

Tips for Improved Backyard Landscaping

Trellises and Outdoor Shade Structures

Balancing sunny and shaded areas in a backyard may be simpler when you install a trellis or outdoor shade structure. You can buy pre-built ones at your favorite garden store, or you can make your own with a few simple tools. By placing your structure toward the rear of your garden or near the entrance to your patio, you can create a focal point that accents your yard. Clematis is a great plant for trellises because it quickly fills the spot, and you have stunning flowers during the spring and summer.