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When the weather turns sunny and warm, a backyard pool can serve as the perfect location for a family-friendly party. Proper planning is crucial to creating an event that will be memorable. Choosing the perfect day to invite friends and family members over for a pool party is just one aspect that you should keep in mind as a host. Holidays make for an excellent reason to throw a pool party, and the Fourth of July is just one attractive date. Whenever planning a backyard party for the end or the beginning of summer, there are several things to focus on to ensure that the event will be remembered. If the weather is unclear for the party’s date, you may want to keep a back-up plan in mind so that everyone can move inside if it starts raining.

hostamemorablepoolparty_0Food and Drink

A backyard party isn’t a festive event without plenty of food and drink for guests, relatives and friends. Whether serving hot or cold food, it’s essential to have everything prepared before the day of the big event. While many people prefer to bring out the grill and cook up fresh burgers or steaks, others would rather serve catered foods and set up a buffet-style arrangement. Keeping hot foods hot and cold foods cold is a lot easier with the right coolers or rented catering equipment.

Music and Entertainment

Hosting a truly memorable event depends on the mood that is established during a pool party. If there are lots of children and families expected, consider hiring an entertainer, such as a party character. When the event is attended by adults, live music may be a better option. For fun in the swimming pool, it’s a great idea to have plenty of floats and toys.

Remember that children must be supervised by an adult at all times both in and around the pool.? Be sure to determine the schedule and review pool rules with all supervising adults well in advance of the party.

Hosts who have spent time planning their party will have more of an opportunity to enjoy the festivities with their guests. Having an accurate estimate of the time and resources that are needed to make a backyard party a success is key to having a fun time. With a little planning and foresight, anyone can host a memorable backyard party that has the potential to transform into an annual family tradition.