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If you have friends or family who are passionate about pool ownership, you might want to give them a pool-related gift this holiday season. Reach beyond the usual pool toys and floats to find just the right present. Here are some ideas for thoughtful gifts for pool owners.


Floating Wireless Speaker

Pool parties are even more fun when you can add music to the mix, and the gift of floating wireless speakers makes it easy to amp up any get-together. These speakers connect to audio devices, such as iPods, smartphones, computers or MP3 players. Simply plug the audio device into the transmitter that comes with the speaker and play your favorite songs to get the party started.

Floating Cooler

If the pool owners on your list enjoy entertaining, then they’ll almost certainly love a floating drinks cooler. This handy present allows them to serve ice-cold beer or soda to guests without ever having to leave the water.

Underwater Smartphone Case

The gift of a waterproof smartphone case can help your friends and family stay in touch while they enjoy their pool time. It may be a good idea to choose a case that can be submerged in water, just in case their phone decides to go for a dip. If you put a little thought into the gifts you give the pool owners in your life, it will go a long way and be greatly appreciated. Who knows? You may even get invited to a pool party very soon!


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