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Find Your Pool Inspiration!

It’s a new year, and that often calls for a new and improved backyard. If your plans include a new swimming pool, you might need some inspiration as you figure out your ideal design. Here are three ideas to help you find the latest trends in swimming pools.

Social Media

Social networks can be a great place to discover what’s cool in the pool world. Social networks like Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook are great places to being your search for pool inspiration.

You can search Pinterest with search terms like “best swimming pools” or “pool ideas” and see page after page of relevant images and ideas. Pin your favorite ideas to your Pool Inspiration board, to make them easier to find later!

On Instagram and Facebook, you can search hashtags like #PoolIdeas and #BestPools to find some inspiration. You can even look into specific trends, like the best colors to use or pool features to add, by searching hashtags with related keywords or you can simply browse all the pools that come up under more general hashtags like #MyPool or #AmazingPool.

Besides the hashtags above, some of our favorite pool inspiration hashtags include:


Celebrity Homes

Celebrities are known to have the most luxurious and trendy items. This even applies to their pools! To aid your pool inspiration, look for articles that feature your favorite celebrity’s backyard (or backyards, they often have multiple homes). You don’t have to match their pools exactly, but you can still end up with some great ideas on size, shape and pool features.

Since most celebrities are on social media, you may be able to find some photos of their backyards. Try searching the hashtag #poolside for celebrities by their pools.

Pool Experts’ Websites

The best ways to get information is to go straight to the experts. The experts know what’s trending for pools and can help you determine what will fit your needs and wants best.

When it comes to the experts, their websites don’t just have the information you need but also images that will inspire you. For instance, poolfyi features pictures of pools of every kind, categorized by shape, water features and other details. If you see a pool you really love, you can quickly connect with the company that built it, making your pool project easy to begin.

Are you ready to build your dream pool? Get a head start by checking out these resources for pool inspiration!