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Bought a House with a Pool and Not Sure What to do? Here Are 5 Tips!


Purchasing a new home is an exciting experience. Houses that come with pools often feature the pool as a selling point, but what if you’ve never had a pool before? Would you know what to do? Here are five tips for new pool owners:

1. Perform some basic pool maintenance

Regularly removing large debris from your pool will help keep your pool clean and will help your equipment operate more effectively. Large concentrations of debris in your filters and skimmers can result in poor pool performance or dirty water.

2. Learn about your equipment

If you purchased a house with a pool, don’t assume all the equipment works correctly. Even if the pool was used regularly, checking your equipment will ensure your equipment works and your pool will be ready to use. If any equipment needs to be replaced, purchase reliable equipment and have them installed by a local pool specialist. Find a dealer that offers Pentair pool equipment here.

3. Invest in the right pool products

Shocking your pool and balancing its pH is critical to keeping your water fresh and clean. To do this, you have to purchase specialized supplies such as pool shocker, so make sure you swing by your local pool store and pick up a few essentials based on your pool’s size and other factors.

4. Find a reliable service provider

Local pool experts can help you with any of your pool related questions and install any new equipment you may need. Check out our dealer locator to find a dealer near you.

5. Maintain your pool with seasonal maintenance

Seasonal changes can have a huge impact on the health of your pool, so you should prepare it for every season. From opening to closing and everywhere in between, make sure you follow standard maintenance best practices and prepare your pool for the different weather conditions throughout the year.

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Purchasing a house with a pool can turn out to be one of the most pleasant experiences of your life. Make sure you maintain your investment and make the most out of your new home with a pool!